WWE PG Era Officially Over

WWE's PG Era considered over within the company

After 16 years, the PG era of WWE is officially over. 

Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that promos from The Rock and Paul Heyman's WWE Hall of Fame speech are considered the official end of the WWE PG era. This doesn't mean WWE will be abandoning the PG rating for their product just yet but there have been discussions within the company about producing a non-PG product. As part of the PG era being over, WWE have abandoned PG restrictions placed on talent in regards to social media and non-TV content. 

The change of heart within WWE comes only a couple of months after Nick Khan, Triple H, and Dan Ventrelle sent out a memo to wrestlers which stated that WWE was a PG company and there was to be no swearing from WWE talents, including on social media. This memo, of course, did not apply to the likes of The Rock, who cursed often on WWE TV, and other top stars were given a pass too. The situation caused frustration amongst the WWE roster over the perceived double standard. 

Paul Heyman's WWE Hall of Fame speech was also seen as the "closing of the book by WWE on ECW" which is why Paul Heyman spent so much time on the speech, ECW alumni were in attendance, and Stephanie McMahon wore her ECW hat from the Invasion programme. 

WWE officially transitioned from a TV-14 to a PG product in 2008. 

The company has looked to establish the beginning of the 'Triple H era' since WrestleMania 40 as part of the company's strategy to distance themselves from Vince McMahon. 

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