WWE PR Said "What A Dumb Thing To Do" Following Question To Triple H About Drew Gulak's Departure

WWE PR told journalist "What a dumb thing to do" after they dared to ask about Drew Gulak's status with the company

WWE PR were seemingly unhappy about a question at the Backlash post-show press conference and proceeded to insult a journalist after the question was asked. 

It emerged only 24 hours before Backlash that WWE had carried out releases within NXT and Drew Gulak was believed to be one of the talents let go by the company. 

WWE had not officially announced if any wrestlers had been let go and journalist Lucas Charpiot asked Paul "Triple H" Levesque during the Backlash press conference about Gulak's status with the company, saying: "I just wanted to ask you, Fightful and PWInsider reported that Drew Gulak was released by WWE. I just wanted you to clarify on the situation if that was true and is there anything to do with Ronda Rousey's accusation."

Triple H, who has come under fire over his responses at press conferences before, initially criticised Charpiot before he clarified that WWE had opted not to renew Gulak's contract. 

"First of all, if you're going to cite news sources, pick good ones. That's where I would start. Credible, really, maybe. We release talent all the time. The NFL releases 4-500 people a year. We release talent all the time. It's a part of what we do. You can't just hire people, bring them in, keep hiring more people and just keep bringing them in. So an unfortunate part of the job is talent get released. Can I say that he was released? He was not released, his contract was just not renewed," Triple H stated.

Not only did Triple H appear unhappy with the question but WWE PR were too, with Lucas Charpiot revealing on Pollock & Thurston that a PR person said "What a dumb thing to do" right after the question about Drew Gulak was asked. 

"I knew because one of the PR as soon as I said my question to Triple H said to me, 'What a dumb thing to do'... Yeah, right after I ask it, he looked at me and said, 'What a dumb thing to do,'" Charpiot revealed.

Following the incident, Triple H called Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp and WWE sent him French cheese as a token of apology. Mike Johnson of PWInsider, meanwhile, noted that WWE had claimed Triple H's comments "were not meant to be taken as him 'knocking either site' but that he was taking issue with the person asking a question based on reports 'a talent was released when in fact the talent's deal was simply expiring.' We were also told that no offense was 'intended.'"

The WWE PR person's response to Charpiot's question has been met with some sadness, with Sean Ross Sapp calling it "incredibly disappointing." POST Wrestling's Wai Ting, meanwhile, admitted he was "stunned" by the response. 

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