WWE Raw Results - June 7, 2021: Lilly Haunts Shayna Baszler, WWE Title Contract Signing

Turkey legs, a drip stick and more

Monday Night Raw provided fans with the best and worst of the red brand this week. There was some solid in-ring action from the likes of Kofi Kingston, Riddle, Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet, but we also had shenanigans with a doll and a backstage segment centred around turkey legs. 

The Viking Raiders won the Raw Tag Team Championship Number One Contenders' Battle Royal

Raw opened up with the Tag Team Battle Royal to determine the number one contenders for the Raw Tag Team Championship. The participants were The Viking Raiders, R-K-Bro, The New Day, Mace & T-Bar and a lone Lince Dorado as Gran Metalik was dealing with an injury.

After a promo from AJ Styles and Omos and all of the competitors, John Morrison interrupted proceedings and announced he would be entering the match despite The Miz's injury.

The Prince Of Parkour initially appeared to be on the road to victory as he scored the first elimination on Lince Dorado after he sprayed the Lucha House Party man in the face with the drip strick and kicked him over the top rope. The stick failed to help Johnny Drip Drip against Mace and T-Bar, though, and they pushed him to the floor. 

The rest of the field then worked together against T-Bar and Mace and the former RETRIBUTION men were dumped over the top rope soon after. 

This left R-K-Bro, The New Day and The Viking Raiders as the final three teams and Riddle found himself tumbling over the top rope following a knee to the back from Xavier Woods. The trombone enthusiast didn't last much longer, however, and he hit the floor after a Clothesline from Erik. 

This brought the match down to The Viking Raiders, Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston. The two singles participants didn't team up to take on Erik and Ivar, though, and Kofi tried to deck Orton with Trouble In Paradise. Riddle re-entered the ring and ate the finisher for his tag team partner and this allowed Orton to throw Kingston to the floor. The Viper then briefly looked at his handiwork but he found himself tumbling over the top rope seconds later courtesy of Ivar and Erik.

With that, The Viking Raiders are the number one contenders. 

Following the match, it was time for some backstage segments. The first interlude included Charlotte Flair, Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce and The Queen demanded her match against Nikki Cross be struck from the record, a request that was promptly refused. Flair asked for a rematch instead and so did Rhea Ripley who popped into the shot. After a brief discussion, the WWE officials came up with a compromise and Flair and Ripley would team together Nikki Cross and a mystery partner later in the show.

We then had a backstage segment with The Viking Raiders and AJ Styles & Omos that centred around turkey legs. 

Jaxson Ryker def. Elias by Count-Out

The broadcast headed to the ring for the next match on the show and Elias gave his latest live performance. 

The Drifter briefly reflected on last week's events and said he had no choice but to abandon Ryker. The former Forgotten Son was not happy about what transpired, however, and he attacked Elias from behind as WWE piped in some big babyface cheers.

The two men then had a brief three-minute match and Ryker picked up the win after he Chokeslammed Elias and The Drifter scurried from the ring to the back.

WWE Championship Contract Signing

Following that match, it was time for the WWE Championship contract signing between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre. 

Drew McIntyre started off the segment with a promo about Robert the Bruce after Lashley didn't head to the ring.

The All Mighty eventually did so with the Lashley Train and MVP, though, just as Drew was about to sign the contract.

The WWE Champion promptly demanded a stipulation be added to the match whereby Drew won't be able to challenge him for the title ever again if The All Mighty wins on June 20. Drew accepted, but he said he wanted the match to be inside Hell In A Cell. Lashley accepted his request and both men signed the contract.

McIntyre and Bobby then continued to talk back and forth and Drew ended the segment with the upper hand after he chopped a table in half with his sword. 

Nikki Cross was interviewed next on the show and she revealed Asuka would be her tag team partner for her match against Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair. 

Humberto Carrillo vs. Ricochet ended in a Double Count-Out – Number One Contender's Match for the United States Championship 

The next match on the show followed and Humberto Carrillo and Ricochet went one on one in a number one contender's match.  

Sheamus sat at ringside for the match and he cut a promo before the action got underway. Carrillo and Ricochet quickly psyched him out, though, as The Celtic Warrior was afraid to rebreak his nose.  

Carrillo and Ricochet then had a solid five-minute match, but a decisive chapter in this story is still to be written as the bout ended in a double count-out after Humberto connected with a Spanish Fly from the apron to the outside. 

The storyline between Kofi Kingston and Bobby Lashley also looks set to continue as MVP caught up with the former WWE Champion backstage. Porter told Kingston KofiMania came to an end because the New Day man let it die. The words only angered Kofi and he talked about children believing in him before MVP said Lashley fights for the honour of being WWE Champion and the accoutrements that come with it.

The latest Eva Marie vignette was next and All Red Everything will return to Raw next week. Ali also gave Mansoor some advice before the Saudi Arabian's scheduled match against Drew Gulak.

Jeff Hardy def. Cedric Alexander

Next up, though, was Jeff Hardy vs. Cedric Alexander. The Charismatic Enigma said he was going to teach Cedric a lesson in humility and Hardy did just that as he defeated Alexander with a Twist Of Fate and Swanton Bomb after the former Cruiserweight Champion mocked his signature pose.

Nikki Cross & Asuka def. Rhea Ripley & Charlotte Flair 

Like many matches in WWE's past, the rivals booked as tag team partners led to a great amount of dysfunction between Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair. 

The Raw Women's Champion and the number one contender couldn't help but clobber each other at regular intervals and it all came to a head during the finish after the uneasy alliance fell apart. Flair and Ripley started brawling during the final moments and The Queen got the better of The Nightmare on this occasion as she countered Riptide into Natural Selection. 

This also allowed Nikki Cross to scurry across the mat and pin Ripley for the win to keep her unlikely undefeated streak going. 

Mansoor def. Drew Gulak 

Mansoor faced Drew Gulak next and both men grappled back and forth for a few minutes. The former Cruiserweight Champion tried to win the match with a Roll-Up by grabbing the tights, but Mansoor reversed into a pin of his own for the 1-2-3. 

A backstage segment between Randy Orton and Riddle followed. The Viper handed Riddle the key to his mouth and The Original Bro said he had been looking for him all night and all he wanted to do was eat at Burger King. Riddle then handed the key back to Randy and Orton dropped it in the bin.

Kofi Kingston def. Riddle 

Riddle was then in action against Kofi Kingston. Xavier Woods accompanied Kofi to the ring. Orton did not initially do the same for Riddle but The Apex Predator made his way to ringside within 90 seconds of the bell ringing after Woods distracted The Original Bro with his trombone.

Kingston and Riddle then had a solid 12-minute match and Orton demanded his tag team partner finish Kofi with an RKO down the stretch. The New Day man countered, though, and he blocked a Bro Derek attempt moments later before he finished Riddle off with Trouble In Paradise. 

The final match on the show was followed by a backstage segment between Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Jax tried to settle her differences with The Queen Of Spades and offered to help her with an "unpredictable and dangerous" Alexa Bliss. Baszler refused, though, as she was still unhappy with Nia's defence of Reginald and she thought she could handle a doll alone. 

Alexa's Playground with Shayna Baszler

Unfortunately for Baszler, she should have been scared. The segment started on Bliss' swing set in the ring and Alexa asked Shayna to apologise to Lilly. The Queen Of Spades refused, though, and she accused Bliss of costing her and Nia Jax the Women's Tag Team Championship. Baszler then grabbed the doll and said she was sorry because Lilly was "just a stupid doll" before she threw Alexa's best friend to the mat.

This only infuriated Bliss and she charged at Baszler. The Queen Of Spades managed to escape, though, and she stomped on Lilly in the ring. 

This proved to be a grave mistake from the former NXT Women's Champion as Alexa suddenly had a smile on her face and Baszler was forced to flee backstage as flames chased her up the ramp. The Queen Of Spades then did her best to outrun falling objects while the lights flickered and she thought she was safe after she found a room and locked herself inside. 

It turns out you can't escape Lilly, though, and the doll appeared in a mirror. Baszler tried to destroy the reflection, but it embedded itself in the wall instead and The Queen Of Spades began to go insane as Raw went off the air. 

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