WWE Reportedly Interested In Rey Mysterio's Son Dominic As A Wrestler

Another generational talent?

Dominic Gutierrez, the son of Rey Mysterio, may have a future inside of a WWE ring, if those calling the shots have their way.

A note in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter claims that WWE is hoping to have the 22-year-old Gutierrez step into the ring as part of his father's ongoing storyline. However, they feel he's not ready yet as a wrestler, and are realistically eyeing 2020 as his target debut date.

Gutierrez began training with Lance Storm one year ago at the Storm Wrestling Academy in Calgary, for what was reported to be a three month session.

Over the past decade and a half, Gutierrez has appeared in a few of his father's more notable storylines. His first was back in 2005 at age eight, when Eddie Guerrero claimed fatherhood of him while feuding with Mysterio, leading to an unusual ladder match at SummerSlam for custodial rights.

More recently, Gutierrez appeared during the WrestleMania 35 run-up alongside Mysterio, astonishing fans with the somewhat-jarring contrast in height between he and his dad. At times in the angle that spanned much of the spring, Gutierrez found himself in the crosshairs of Samoa Joe.

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