WWE’s Drew McIntyre A Fan Of Two-Night WrestleMania Returning

WWE have ran WrestleMania as a two-night affair since WrestleMania 36

WWE’s decision to turn WrestleMania 36 into a two-night affair during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was a necessary move, but one greeted by almost universal acclaim from wrestling fans, as Mania itself had morphed into an overly-long bloated affair.

Since then, WWE have continued promoting WrestleMania across two nights, with the upcoming WrestleMania 38 set to follow this pattern, and former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre is happy that WWE have stuck to the two-night formula, telling the Battleground podcast:

“I’m a fan of the two nights. I wasn’t sure if we were going to go back to one night. The two nights are kind of based on the times we’re in. We did it over two nights as a way to escape during the pandemic, during the Covid situation. I did say during the interviews during that time, if you look back on them that I really hope it sticks. I love WrestleMania. Everyone loves WrestleMania and the spectacle of it, but it’s so huge that sometimes I think it was seven hours. As much as you love WWE, and the spectacle of WrestleMania, five hours sitting there and then two hours extra, and if you’re a Superstar wrestling six-and-a-half hours in, and fans are trying to scream but nothing is coming out because they’ve lost their voice, it can get a little quiet even with 80,000 people there. I love the idea of a whole weekend of WrestleMania, like two good length shows, two good four hour shows. The fans are there. They are loud from start to finish, but not only that, but once the event is over, they are like, ‘Wow, that was amazing. I can go again tomorrow and experience that again?’  I’m all about a weekend for WrestleMania.”

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