Booker T Pitches Triple-Threat Main Event For WWE WrestleMania 38

Booker wants the rumoured Reigns/Lesnar match to have a third participant

We are slowly inching towards WrestleMania season, and with it speculation builds as to what could go down at the grandaddy of ‘em all. But for a while now, all roads have seemingly led towards a Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar WWE Universal Title main event.

However, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has suggested the match should be a triple-threat, with former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley added to the mix, saying on The Hall of Fame podcast:

"Just imagine, if Brock and Roman do go out there and do it (have a WrestleMania match), the person that comes out and spoils the whole party is Bobby Lashley. So, I'm thinking from a promoter's standpoint to where everything right now is so much more in place for it to work out as opposed to four years ago, with Roman, with Brock, with Bobby. The era of the 'big man' is back. To have three giants, three monsters, three true heavyweights going for the heavyweight championship - that's money to be made anywhere in this business.”

WWE tends to favour singles bouts for WrestleMania’s main event, although there have been a couple of triple-threat matches in the past that have closed the show. Could Lashley/Reigns/Lesnar be another?

H/T: Sportskeeda

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