WWE's Pat McAfee Reveals He Gets Yelled At For Calling Talent A "Future Hall Of Famer”

There's no such thing as a 'future hall of famer pal'

If you want a spell on WWE’s announce desk then you have to learn to play by WWE’s rules, listen to instructions in your earpiece from Vince McMahon, and avoid saying specific terms and phrases which go against WWE’s brand and values.

Pat McAfee knows all this too well, but as he revealed on the Pat McAfee Show he intentionally says one specific phrase that gets him yelled at:

"Ladies and gentlemen, WWE Future Hall of Famer… by the way, I actually get yelled at every time I say, 'Future Hall of Famer' for this person. They're like… it's not always Vince (McMahon), it's somebody that drops in, 'we don't know if that's true or not.' It's an amazing time. I try to sneak that in at least once a show to see how many Hall of Famers I can put in there,” said McAfee when introducing Seth Rollins as a guest on the show.

The revelation will come as a surprise to many, as wrestling fans will commonly refer to a certain wrestler as a ‘future hall of famer’, whilst Jim Ross would often utter the phrase during his time as WWE’s lead announcer. 

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