WWE's Randy Orton Reveals He Likes To Rib AJ Styles For Believing The Earth Is Flat

It is widely accepted as a fact that the Earth is a sphere...

Despite over 2000 years of scientific consensus accepting that the Earth is a spherical globe, and all evidence pointing to the fact that the Earth is a sphere, some people still believe the Earth is flat. 

It has been rumoured for years that two-time WWE Champion AJ Styles is a Flat Earther and Randy Orton confirmed on a recent episode of After The Bell that The Phenomenal One does actually believe the Earth is flat. The Viper told Corey Graves he finds this hilarious and often gives "him s**t about it."

This seemingly isn't the only conspiracy theory that AJ believes in, as Graves revealed he once watched the documentary series Zeitgeist with Styles and the former WWE Champion was enthralled by what he saw.

Zeitgeist presents a number of conspiracy theories, including the idea that 9/11 was orchestrated by elements of the United States government to generate mass fear, and the Federal Reserve System is controlled by a small group of international bankers who conspire to create global calamities to enrich themselves. 

Orton said: "I wanted to somehow segue to how AJ's a Flat Earther. He thinks the Earth's flat and I know that's just a really comical topic to talk about, and I give him s**t about it and he hates it. No, it's not a rib, he thinks the Earth's flat."

Graves added: "We were in the locker room in Philadelphia and somehow the topic of that came up and I was talking about this documentary called Zeitgeist. It's all sorts of weird conspiracy theories and we started watching it, and he was standing behind me and he was getting like worked up watching all these crazy things. Then he had to leave, but I remember I was more entertained watching AJ watch this stuff, this documentary, than actually the documentary itself."


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