WWE's Roman Reigns Didn't Accept Riddle's Apology, Randy Orton's Assistance Didn't Help

Riddle ruffled The Tribal Chief’s feathers last Summer

Riddle has a reputation for running his mouth and upsetting influential names backstage. From Goldberg to Brock Lesnar, Riddle also annoyed Universal Champion Roman Reigns, by claiming ‘The Tribal Chief’ was not a needle mover.

Naturally, Riddle garnered some heat for his comments, and as revealed to Mark Andrews on My Love Letter to Wrestling, Riddle’s attempt at an apology did not go down well:

"One thing I have learned is don't ask Randy to write an apology for you,” started Riddle. “The other day, I said some things about a gentleman that I work with. He's on a different brand, he's a champion, he's a chief, one might say. I said some things he didn't like. I told Randy, 'I said some things, I'm pretty sure he's not happy about it. What should I say? I should make this better.' I sent Randy an apology that I wrote for this person. Randy looked at it and was like, 'Nah, this is all wrong, this is what you write.' He sent me an apology back and there was no apology at all. It was basically like, 'My bad.' He knows this Chief better than I do. So I sent this apology and let's just say that he did not accept it. I was like, 'Damnit Randy. I can never ask you to apologise for anything.' I've learned, don't ask Randy to do an apology for you.”

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