WWE Scraps Elias Character On WWE Raw

Who will The Drifter become?

Elias' time in WWE is over. 

Jeffrey Sciullo has used the Elias gimmick since 2015, often playing the guitar in the ring as either a babyface or heel. WWE seemingly scrapped the character on the August 9 edition of Monday Night Raw, though.

Elias appeared in a pre-taped vignette during the show and The Drifter stood by a fire as piped-in "Walk With Elias" chants played. The former 24/7 Champion then strummed his guitar and tossed it into the flames before he declared, "WWE stood for Walk With Elias. But Elias is dead." 

The vignette came to an end moments later as Elias walked off into the darkness.

What Elias' new gimmick will be remains to be seen. He was initially portrayed as a generic Italian during his early WWE days, but he would eventually adopt his drifter character after impressing Dusty Rhodes with the persona. 

Elias has competed on Raw in 2021 and he was most recently locked in a feud with former tag team partner Jaxson Ryker.  

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