WWE WrestleMania Backlash 2022 Results

Results from WWE WrestleMania Backlash in Providence, Rhode Island

One month on from WrestleMania 38, WWE held their latest major event, WrestleMania Backlash, in Providence, Rhode Island, on Sunday, May 8. 

While the show had very little hype heading into Sunday, the pay-per-view featured several very good matches and one title change.

Check out everything that happened below: 

Cody Rhodes def. Seth Rollins 

WrestleMania Backlash opened with a rematch from WrestleMania 38 as Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins went one-on-one. The American Nightmare accepted the challenge from Rollins after the former Universal Champion argued he didn't have time to prepare for Rhodes at 'Mania. 

The story in the opening minutes was Rollins' preparedness for Rhodes as The Visionary dominated the early going before Cody powered back with a Sunset Flip and Superplex which made the remainder of the contest an even affair. 

Both men repeatedly countered Pedigree attempts and Rollins later went for his Superplex-Falcon Arrow combo but Cody countered into Crossroads. Rollins was too close to the rope, though, and his foot fortuitously rested on the bottom rope to break up the count. 

It was then Rollins' turn to come close to victory as he connected with a Pedigree following a missed Moonsault from Rhodes but The American Nightmare kicked out at two.

Rollins followed up with trash talk and Kawada-style kicks before he hit some Dusty Rhodes-style punches. The Visionary then went for a Bionic Elbow only for Cody to counter into a second Crossroads. 

The American Nightmare tried for a third Crossroads but Rollins repeatedly escaped before he rolled up Rhodes with a handful of tights. 

Rhodes managed to kick out and he countered into a roll-up of his own, grabbing a handful of tights for good measure for the victory.

Rollins was irate following the contest so if their feud is done ultimately remains to be seen. 

Omos def. Bobby Lashley

A big boy bout was the second match on the card as Bobby Lashley and Omos faced off in a WrestleMania 38 rematch, with Lashley's former manager MVP in Omos' corner after he turned on The All Mighty on the Raw after WrestleMania. 

MVP ultimately paid dividends for Omos, repeatedly distracting Lashley throughout the contest and the former IWGP Intercontinental Champion provided instructions which allowed The Nigerian Giant to escape the Hurt Lock. 

MVP then decked Lashley with his cane after Omos had thrown The All Mighty into the ring post and the former Raw Tag Team Champion followed up with a Double Choke Bomb for the win, tying his record with Lashley at 1-1.  

Edge def. AJ Styles - Damian Priest banned from ringside

Following their WrestleMania 38 match, which Edge won with the assistance of Damian Priest, the WWE Hall Of Famer and AJ Styles faced off in the third rematch of the night at WrestleMania Backlash. 

Similar to WrestleMania 38, Edge picked up the win following interference, this time from the newest member of Judgement Day since Damian Priest was banned from ringside. 

After several minutes of an even contest, Styles was the first competitor to come close to the win after Edge missed a Spear and ran straight into an exposed turnbuckle but AJ's roll-up only scored two. Edge wasn't down for long either as he fired back with a Spear at the second attempt for a near fall of his own. 

Edge then managed to kick out of a Styles Clash and AJ looked to capitalise with a move from the top rope, only to have Damian Priest enter the arena and stand in the aisle. 

Priest was quickly attacked from behind by Finn Balor and both men ended up brawling in the ring and at ringside while the referee tried to gain control of the situation. 

This provided the opening for a hooded assailant to pull AJ from the top rope and Edge capitalised with a Crossface and a Choke to force the two-time WWE Champion to pass out. 

As Edge celebrated, the hooded assailant revealed themselves to be Rhea Ripley as the former Raw Women's Champion became the latest member of Judgement Day in the process. 

Ronda Rousey def. Charlotte Flair – "I Quit" Match for the SmackDown Women's Championship

In another WrestleMania 38 rematch, Charlotte Flair defended the SmackDown Women's Title against Ronda Rousey, this time in an "I Quit" Match.

Both women outshone their WrestleMania match in a bout that featured a kendo stick lightsaber battle, Rousey being trapped in a railing, an Armbar while Flair was stuck in a tree of woe, Natural Selection on a steel chair, a Figure Eight, and even a shoutout for The Fiend after SmackDown Commentator Pat McAfee spotted a child in a Fiend mask sat in the front row. 

Flair made a mistake in the final moments of the match, though, as she told Rousey "Happy Mother's Day" which only infuriated The Baddest Woman On The Planet and she applied an Armbar through a steel chair on Flair. The SmackDown Women's Champion initially refused but after Rousey wrenched back, Flair uttered the words "I quit." 

With that, Ronda Rousey was crowned the new SmackDown Women's Champion. 

Madcap Moss def. Happy Corbin

Two former friends clashed in the fifth match at WrestleMania Backlash as Happy Corbin went one-on-one with Madcap Moss. 

Both men had a standard WWE match and Corbin appeared to have the contest won after he connected with Deep Six. Madcap was able to get his shoulder up at two, though, and he followed up with a Sunset Flip moments later for the win. 

The Bloodline def. RK-Bro & Drew McIntyre

In what was initially advertised as a tag team title unification match between The Usos and RK-Bro that WWE reportedly never actually planned to follow through on, Drew McIntyre teamed with Riddle and Randy Orton against The Bloodline in the main event of WrestleMania Backlash.

The babyfaces looked to have the match won at several points in a great main event, especially after Orton decked Roman Reigns with an RKO from out of nowhere before he hit another one on Jimmy Uso. Jey managed to break up the pin on Jimmy, though. Then Riddle looked to have the match won next following a Floating Bro to 'Main Event' but the pin was broken up again. 

The action then broke down with Reigns connecting with a Superman Punch to Orton on the outside, leaping off the steel steps in the process, before the WWE Universal Champion turned his attention to Drew McIntyre and put Irn Dru through the announce table with a Rock Bottom. 

This left Riddle to fight on alone and The Original Bro looked to have the match won after he caught Jey Uso with an RKO from the top rope. 

Roman Reigns was The Bloodline's legal man, though, and he appeared from out of nowhere to deck Riddle with a Spear to pick up the win for the heels. 

As has become the norm for WWE pay-per-views, WrestleMania Backlash then went off the air with Roman Reigns standing on the ramp draped in gold surrounded by The Usos and Paul Heyman.

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