WWE's Drew McIntyre Reveals The Origins Of His Sword's Name

McIntyre's character has embraced his Scottish heritage

Drew McIntyre has revealed the sword he carries to the ring as part of his WWE entrance has been named after his late mother. 

McIntyre's WWE character has embraced his Scottish heritage throughout 2021, with the former WWE Champion wearing a kilt and Vince McMahon suggesting he carry a sword to the ring as part of his entrance. 

The Scotsman's mum, Angela, passed away in 2012 and was McIntyre's inspiration for never giving up on his dream. In naming the sword after her, McIntyre's mother is now with him every time he makes the walk to a WWE ring.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, McIntyre said: "A lot of us are big, in shape, and hopefully a little handsome, but you want something to look different outside the box. I said, ‘I’m Scottish, why don’t we lean into the Scottish thing,’

"Eventually they came to me and said, ‘How would you feel about bringing it in, bringing your heritage and history in. I said, ‘I absolutely love it.’

"Then they gave me the big ass sword. I’ve been swinging that around for a long time now. We just gave it a name. It’s named after my late mother which is really cool. I’m bringing it to the ring now and I’m starting to use it.

"Hopefully, there is an endgame for this thing. There must be an endgame for this thing. If I’m going to bring it to the ring this much, I’m going to use this bloody thing properly."

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