WWE's Natalya Confirms A Sequel To 'The Wrestler' Is Being Made - Jason Mamoa Involved

She has been asked to star in the movie...

2008's The Wrestler debuted to critical acclaim both inside and outside of Professional wrestling and was nominated for two academy awards.

In the movie, Mickey Rourke plays Randy "The Ram" Robinson, a former Professional wrestling megastar during the 1980's who now performs in high school gyms and community centres as he attempts to relive his heyday. The film is a tragic tale, where after suffering a heart attack, Robinson tries to come to terms with life without wrestling. Ultimately he can't, and despite his heart trouble, Robinson agrees to one final match against his greatest rival The Ayatollah.

During the match, Robinson suffers from further heart problems, but is persistent on continuing with the bout. As the film comes to an end, Robinson climbs to the top rope with tears in his eyes. Knowing his patented elbow drop could end his life. Randy then takes one final leap as the movie fades to black, with his final fate unknown.

While the ending itself was ambiguous, many fans assumed that Robinson died following his climatic elbow drop, leaving a sequel incredibly unlikely.

However, according to WWE Superstar NatalyaThe Wrestler 2 is currently in pre-production and she has been asked to star in the movie.

During a Total Divas bonus clip, the former SmackDown Women's champion explained how she had received a call from Jason Mamoa asking her to co-star with him. She also revealed they want her to wrestle in the new movie and has been asked about suitable opponents.

Natalya said: "Yesterday Bret got a call from this guy about being in a new movie that they're making called The Wrestler 2. And I didn't know until I googled him, but he's actor Jason Mamoa...So this morning I talked to Jason. He wants me to star in the movie with him. He wants me to be his ex-lover."

The Queen Of Harts added: "He says that in the movie I need to have a match. And he's like "Is there anybody you think would be great to wrestle with?"


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