WWE's Roman Reigns Details Meeting The Rock For The First Time

Reigns opens up on his first meeting with his cousin

Roman Reigns has recalled the first time he met his cousin, The Rock, backstage at a WWE event. 

Reigns is part of the legendary Anoa’i family. His father and uncle are Afa and Sika of The Wild Samoans, while the history of WWE is filled with members of the Anoa'i family. 

Undoubtedly one of the most famous is the Rock, and Reigns has now recalled meeting his cousin Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson for the first time.

Speaking on ‎Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Reigns said: “I think it was Biloxi, MS, and this is when Dwayne, I think he had just started turning into The Rock and started to display that persona and I remember seeing him.

"I was young, early teens, and I was with the twins, The Usos’ younger brother, who’s about a year and a half younger than them and we’re just kind of walking out of catering. Here comes Dwayne, and man, he was just super nice. This was the first time I think I ever met him. Kind of real loud, and just huge ‘hello’, and a big hug and a big greeting. 

"Then later on, we’re just sitting on one of the cargo crates, one of the backstage set crates, and we didn’t even realise we were right in front of the set. We’re sitting there for 30 minutes or so waiting on their dad. Dwayne was actually doing a promo on the backstage set right in front of us, so it was pretty funny that we we didn’t even realise what what was about to take place the next couple of decades and how big he’s gonna get, but man, from the very beginning, he was family."

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