X-Pac Wanted To End His WWE Feud With Kane With An ‘Exploding Bomb Deathmatch’

X-Pac could have been WWE’s answer to Atsushi Onita

Kane and X-Pac’s feud during the WWE Attitude Era was one that involved betrayal, the stealing of girlfriends, and liberal uses of a flame-thrower.

And now, on the Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast, X-Pac himself has revealed that he wanted the blow-off to be quite extreme:

“I was trying to get an exploding bomb deathmatch with Kane for the blow-off to our feud but they f****** ended up not letting us do it.”

The closest WWE have come to exploding deathmatches is the Inferno Match, where the object was to set your opponent on fire in order to win. WWE only ever booked four of these matches, with Kane involved in all four, picking up three losses and one win.

Exploding deathmatches are closely linked with Atsushi Onita and Japan’s FMW, and came back into vogue this year with AEW’s infamous Exploding Barbed Wire Deathmatch at Revolution. Atsushi Onita has also stepped back into the exploding deathmatch world, setting up FMW-E earlier this year.

H/T: POST Wrestling

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