Xavier Woods Explains How The New Day Is An Evolved Version Of Developmental Faction 'The Plan'

SmackDown Tag Team Champions have their own podcast!

The latest official WWE podcast, 'The New Day: Feel The Power', debuted earlier today.

During the episode, Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston spoke about the origins of New Day in WWE. The trio recently celebrated their anniversary together, having made their debut on November 28, 2014.

Initially, before the Power of Positivity flowed through their veins, Woods, E, and Kingston were far more serious, with fans comparing them to the Nation Of Domination.

Xavier Woods said: "So I sat and thought about it for a few weeks and that's when I realised this idea that we had in developmental called 'The Plan' - it was the People's Liberation of American Nationalism.

"It was me, Big E, Byron Saxton and Abraham Washington, The New Day's kind of an evolved thought of that. It was essentially people who were not happy with their position in the company and wanted more from themselves and from their job, and that's when I went and talked to E about it and we shot a bunch of different things, and that's when it really hit me that none of this is really clicking, none of this is really working and I think we needed a third person for this to actually work, and he was like 'who?' and I was like 'I think we need to get Kofi.'"

Kofi later replied: "I was sitting on a crate and when you guys came up and you started having the conversation with me everything just kinda clicked because that's what I wanted, that was the change I was looking for... yeah, we can make this work."

You can check out an extended clip of The New Day: Feel the Power below:

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