Report: WWE 2K21 Budget To Be Slashed, Developers Leaving Visual Concepts

Poor sales are behind the decision.

Since WWE 2K20 was released on October 22nd, the game has been filled with game-breaking bugs and glitches. Video game reviewers have also noted that the game looks and plays worse than WWE 2K19. This has all contributed to poor sales for this year's iteration.

Things have seemingly gone from bad to worse for Visual Concepts. According to Justin Leeper, a former writer on the SmackDown vs. Raw series, at least 10 developers have left the company.

He said: "I’ve heard about double digit numbers of people on the team who quit. They haven’t quit for other stuff. They just quit because it’s like, "Man, I don’t want this stink on me anymore. I don’t care what I’m doing. I’m leaving. I’m taking my stuff and going."

Leeper also explained that the budget for WWE 2K21 is going to be cut, making the funds available for next year's release even less. He elaborated: "2K20 is selling poorly. It's doing poorly all around, and that means that the budget is going to be cut. It means that 2K21 is going to have to be made with much less money. Which means less money to fix things, less money to innovate, and now there's about 10 less people on the team. So as you can tell, the outlook for 2K21 isn't very good either."


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