Zelina Vega Addresses WWE Release On Her Twitch Stream

Also addresses her use of other media outlets...

It was announced close to two hours before Friday night's WWE SmackDown went on air that Zelina Vega had been released from the promotion. Shortly before the announcement was made, Vega tersely tweeted support for unionization.

Later that night, Vega appeared on her Twitch stream, where she spoke graciously about her three-plus year run with WWE.

“To them, too, for letting some 4-foot-nothing Puerto Rican girl from Queens on that kind of a stage to work with her heroes," Vega said. "It's an incredible blessing, one that I'm always going to be thankful for. I have nothing bad to say, I know some of you might have come for that, but I have nothing bad to say. Just thank you.”

Vega also addressed the launching of her OnlyFans account, which she iterates was only a forum for her cosplay.

“The OnlyFans thing, that was just something I did for my cosplay," she asserts. "There was nothing crazy behind it, there was nothing ever malicious behind it. It was more so just my cosplay stuff. I literally just had costumes on there and I didn’t wanna flood my Instagram with costumes, but it was still very proud of it.”

(Credit to Fightful for transcription)

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