Tony Schiavone Reveals When His AEW Contract Expires

Tony Schiavone will be a free agent next year if AEW don't offer him a new deal

Since joining the promotion in 2019, Tony Schiavone has become a key element of All Elite Wrestling's broadcast team regardless of if he's at the commentary desk or backstage interviewing talent. His importance to AEW also extends beyond the promotion's programming as he is the Senior Producer and Special Advisor to Talent. 

There had been rumours that Schiavone was signed to a lifetime deal with AEW but the former WCW announcer denied that was the case, saying on What Happened When: "That's a f*****g lie. Unless my life ends by April of next year."

"There is no guarantee that they are going to re-sign me. There's no guarantee on that. That's how I approach life. No guarantees. Klondike Bill told me one time, 'The job is a day-to-day thing, Tony.' That's how I approach it. 'The job is a day-to-day thing.'"

AEW not re-signing Schiavone would likely be an unpopular decision as he is viewed as an important part of the broadcast team by fans alongside Excalibur and Taz.

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