5 Big Rumours Ahead Of WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames

All the biggest rumours ahead of the next NXT TakeOver – but how likely are they? We break it down.


NXT TakeOver shows are widely considered very good nights of wrestling. A huge departure from WWE’s often convoluted main roster storylines, their simple booking, excellent in-ring action, and sense of cult coolness leave fans and critics raving.

NXT’s relative simplicity serves it very well indeed; swerves are less frequent, but when they do occur, they’re usually grounded in logic. Efficient, sensibly-paced storytelling is the order of the day – but that doesn’t mean TakeOver shows are devoid of shock potential.

Prior to any big WWE event, the internet will inevitably be awash with rumours – and TakeOver: WarGames is no exception. We’ve seen plenty of speculation from fans, insider websites, and news sources, and now we’re going to break it all down and see what could realistically occur.

We’ve taken the five biggest rumours concerning NXT’s Houston spectacular, and now we’re going to analyse each in turn.

Determining the viability of wrestling rumours is obviously more of an art than a science, but by looking at NXT’s booking over the past few months, sensible guesses can be made.

Who will become the first NXT Women’s Champion since Asuka’s reign of terror? Will we see a surprise appearance from someone outside of the brand’s regular roster? And, perhaps most excitingly, what on earth is going to happen in the first WarGames match in 17 years?


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