10 Best Becky Lynch WWE Matches

From NXT to the main roster, The Man has impressed...

Temporarily, we were deprived of getting to see Becky Lynch take on Ronda Rousey, as the unfortunate injury to Lynch necessitated removing the match from Survivor Series. From the reports that have been circulating, it seems like the anticipation will only have time to grow even moreso, as WrestleMania 35 looks to be the new destination for Lynch vs. Rousey, with rumours that it might even be the main event of WWE's biggest extravaganza.

Whenever Lynch/Rousey takes place, it will almost certainly find a place near the top of Lynch's already-impressive WWE/NXT portfolio. Since the time that Lynch began to shine a singles threat down at Full Sail, fans have flocked to The Man for her impressive in-ring abilities and her natural charisma, the latter of which has blossomed even further since her heel turn at SummerSlam.

With Lynch out of action for the foreseeable future, now would be a good time to take a look back at Lynch's greatest hits from the last four years of her career. The Women's Revolution has been spearheaded from some truly gifted performers that have delivered excellent matches, and Lynch is undoubtedly one of the undeniable leaders of that class. Here are the best matches of her WWE/NXT resume so far...

10. Vs. Natalya (Battleground 2016)


Becky and Natalya were tasked with trying to follow an excellent Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens match, trapped in what is often referred to as the "death slot". You know, where the crowd's trying to catch their breath, collect themselves, and prepare for the bigger matches later in the night. Becky and Nattie were essentially there to exist during said breather, but they ended up putting on a very good match.

Their battle was somewhat basic, psychologically-sound match based around Natalya working over Becky's knee, with Lynch playing the role of valiant babyface that tries her hardest to overcome the pain. Natalya would ultimately get the win via the Sharpshooter, in the midst of a heel run that didn't exactly set the world on fire. For what it was, it wasn't a match that was placed in its spot to be admired, but ended being a darn good "wrestling" match.

9. Vs. Alexa Bliss (SmackDown Live, 27 December 2016)


Lynch invoked her rematch clause against new Women's Champion Bliss on the final SmackDown of 2016, and it was a much better match than the so-so tables match that Bliss won the title in at TLC weeks earlier. This one was focused a little less on gimmickry (aside from La Luchadora's interference), and more on the intense dislike shared by the combatants.

Lynch, as one would figure, worked over Alexa's arm with hungry focus, contorting the limb to the point of bending the elbow the opposite way (a gnarly visual, thanks to Alexa's double-jointedness). La Luchadora's interference would be the difference maker, bringing to an end 14 strong minutes of simple storytelling, the sort of matches that SmackDown was delivering in droves over a muddled Raw product.

8. Vs. Mickie James (Elimination Chamber 2017)


Born out of the unmasking of La Luchadora to reveal returning veteran James, Lynch would end up locking horns with one of the more memorable female stars of the late-Ruthless Aggression era. What could have been a total throwaway match in order to give Lynch some token comeuppance over Bliss' new henchwoman ended up being a rather nifty PPV opener.

The match began hot enough, before Mickie got the heat by working over the arm, followed by a rather strong flurry of a finish that concluded with Becky countering her way into a pinning combo for the win. I was fascinated by just how timeless Mickie looked (as good as she was 11 years earlier), but really, it's just two highly-skilled, instinctual women putting on the prototypical PPV opening match, and it worked.

7. Vs Sasha Banks (Main Event, 10 November 2015)


Once in a while, the "filler" shows can be a haven for some very good under-the-radar matches, and one such bout took place in Manchester, England during WWE's annual November tour of the region. Lynch and Banks were no stranger to one another (more on that later on), and would cross paths here, with Naomi and Tamina backing up Sasha.

The action builds through a series of impressive spots, such as Lynch face-planting on the apron off of a wild arm twist, and Lynch countering out of a modified Chinlock by getting Banks up in the Electric Chair, before dropping her onto the buckles. A distraction from Naomi plays a small part in setting up Banks' win, in which she escapes a Pumphandle lift, and gets the Banks Statement. With minimal storyline BS to hinder the action any, it was a fine showing from outside the main narrative.

6. Vs. Bayley (NXT, 12 August 2015)


This number one contender's match for Sasha's NXT Women's title would lead to Bayley capturing the gold in what is considered one of the seminal women's matches in WWE history. Before then, Bayley had to outlast fellow Horsewoman Lynch in what turned out to be a pretty excellent match in its own right, while Banks looked on from the commentary desk.

Lynch exploited a wrist injury of Bayley's, using that as the impetus to work the arm over even further, trying to set up for the Dis-Arm-Her. But Bayley valiantly fought back with her usual high level of determination. The Hugger ended up getting the pin off of a simple submission reversal. NXT had been doing the Women's Revolution justice long before the main show got with the program, and it was evident in their weekly fare.

5. Vs. Charlotte (Hell In A Cell 2018)


Even at this point in time, I don't think even the most devoted Becky fan understood just how big of a deal she was going to become in the two months following. Becky's championship win over the suddenly-maligned Charlotte feels like it was just yesterday, with the San Antonio crowd hailing her as though she were the second coming.

Little touches like Becky pulling out the Pentagon Armbreaker took this match to another level, which didn't have it so easy trying to follow the torture-filled Cell match between Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy. Becky's clean win was a bit of a surprise, given how WWE seemed to want to position her as the clear villain, but when her flippant dismissal of Charlotte in the aftermath earned huge cheers, it became clear that Becky would never be the heel.

4. Vs. Charlotte, Sasha Banks (WrestleMania 32)


One salvageable positive from a heavily-lambasted WrestleMania was the Women's title match, which was not only arguably the best match on the card, but also the first all-women match from any WrestleMania to go beyond 10 minutes. Charlotte, Banks, and Lynch were given 16 minutes to show why women deserved the same opportunities as their male counterparts in wrestling, and they made them all count.

The break-ups of sequences between any two given participants were generally creative, making it hard to figure out just who was going to come out on top. In particular, the top-rope Fisherman's Suplex from Lynch toward the end stood out. Most would argue that this should've been Sasha's moment, given the dedication to Eddie Guerrero, but alas. This was easily the best women's match in WrestleMania history to that point, and all three deserve respect for raising that bar.

3. Vs. Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley (NXT TakeOver: Rival)


By this point in time, we'd been long clued in that women's wrestling in NXT was much, much different from what we saw on Monday nights, but this Fatal 4-Way may have been the point where the contrast truly hit us. You know a match has designs on stealing the show when the apron LED board is taken out during a scrum.

The four women packed so much action and intensity in just 12-and-a-half minutes, establishing each member of the quartet as a worthy champion of the present and future alike. Sasha managed to earn the win with a rather subtly-executed finish, but all four would get bumped up in the eyes of many, as their NXT exploits were by now must-see.

2. Vs. Sasha Banks (NXT TakeOver Unstoppable)


"Steampunk" Becky cemented itself at this time, which was certainly a far cry from the one-note Riverdancing that she was doing once upon a time. It was the right time to introduce a new look for herself, seeing as she was about to take part in her first excellent one-on-one match under the WWE header, so she'd be making herself stand out in two ways.

From muscling up out of a Short-Arm Scissors, to matching Banks in submission gamesmanship, the two put together a highly-physical, thoroughly-competitive battle for an honour that each coveted, with Becky falling just short after coming within a hair of victory. A tearful Lynch received a deserved standing ovation after the match, indicative of even better days ahead.

1. Vs. Charlotte (Evolution)


You were expecting something else? It was the best match on an all-women's pay-per-view, and it would've stolen the show on many male-dominated cards of this era. Had it somehow made it onto Crown Jewel, it'd have been the Bret/Austin to, well, everything else at WrestleMania 13. Calling this the best women's match in WWE history wouldn't be a stretch at all.

Long Island hailed Lynch as a genuine star, while booing Charlotte as though she'd aided her father in breaking Dusty's leg. The last woman standing bout was as brutal as it was beautifully-executed, showing that they can be put in a match similar to any two male main eventers and do it just as well, if not outright better. It was athletic, violent, competitive, and filled with palpable fury, and could've closed out any pay-per-view in any era. For each woman, this is their most frame-worthy work. It remains to be seen if Becky can top it against Ronda, and we'd all love to see them try.

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