10 Famous Match Stipulations Never Used By WWE

WWE didn't fancy using these 10 famous match stipulations

9. Bunkhouse Stampede

Bunkhouse stampede

Though the first televised Royal Rumble match didn’t happen until 1988, similar formats were already in use by other companies. Between 1985 and 1988, the NWA ran an annual mega-match called the Bunkhouse Stampede. This was about as Southern rasslin’ as you could possibly get, as the competitors were allowed and encouraged to wear cowboy boots, hats, and as much denim as they could physically handle. 

The idea was to invoke images of a brawl breaking out on a ranch, with all the various cowboys getting involved in any way they could. This gave rise to perhaps the Stampede’s most infamous quality - its heavy use of weapons. Wrestlers could bring their own signature tools to the ring and use them to wreak as much havoc as possible. Straps, spikes, cowbells, chains - you name it, someone was going to get hit by one.

As a result, Bunkhouse Stampedes were usually incredibly bloody and violent affairs, which might be why WWE have never done one. Also, this match represents the pinnacle of what Vince McMahon was trying to erase from wrestling in the 1980s.

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