10 Forgotten Wrestling War Moments

These are 10 forgotten wrestling war moments

9. Sable Appears On WCW Monday Nitro

Sable wcw nitro 2

Speaking of lawsuits, Sable left WWE in acrimonious circumstances in June of 1999, subsequently filing a $110 million lawsuit against the company, citing sexual harassment and an unsafe working environment. 

The Playboy cover girl was one of the hottest properties on the planet and so of course there was interest in her from WWE’s closest competition. 

On the June 14, 1999 episode of Nitro, the blonde bombshell was filmed sitting in the front row. Though never referred as either Sable or Rena Mero, her appearance caused a huge stir in the arena – as well as a couple of hundred miles away in Titan Towers. 

Mero was still under contract with WWE at the time and, well, Vince McMahon was not happy about her showing up on the other show. 

The appearance was brokered by Kevin Nash, who felt like Rena could be a game-changer at a time  when WCW was starting to struggle. 

Big Sexy made sure it was all good with Turner’s legal department, with the former Women’s Champion herself claiming that she bought her own ticket to the event. 

It got people talking and almost gave Vince a coronary but, ultimately, Mero’s brief (and sole WCW) appearance was probably more trouble than it was worth for Eric Bischoff and co.

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