10 Greatest Announce Table Spots In WWE History

10 best WWE announce table spots ever

9. Roman Reigns' Show-Stopper - Extreme Rules 2015

Roman reigns extreme rules 2015

After being upstaged by Seth Rollins’ cash-in at WrestleMania 31, Roman Reigns needed a new opponent following the Showcase of the Immortals, which somehow led to a feud with The Big Show for The Big Dog. 

Big Show, who bafflingly was the first person to pin Reigns in a singles match on the main roster, was put into a Last Man Standing Match with Reigns at Extreme Rules 2015, with all the conversation surrounding how he was going to keep such a gigantic opponent down for the 10 count. 

This was despite the fact that the World’s Largest Athlete had lost several Last Man Standing matches in the past, including one to Shane McMahon, of all people. 

One highlight of what turned out to be a pretty decent battle came when Reigns ran up a set of stairs to charge into Show, who was standing atop the announcer’s desk. This sent both participants crashing through the other table, leaving them both in a crumpled heap.

This kind of spot had been done before, but seeing two men of such substantial girth go flying through the air like this was a sight to behold.

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