10 Highly Inspiring Wrestling Redemption Stories

It's never too late to get a second chance...

8. David Arquette

David arquette wwe summerslam 2012

It is bad luck (and Vince Russo stupidity) that David Arquette found himself on the receiving end of fans' wrath in 2000. 

It wasn't like it was the actor's own idea to make himself WCW Heavyweight Champion in a bid to promote the film Ready to Rumble (he was actually against it), but he bore the brunt of the audience's frustrations regardless. 

Nevermind that Arquette was a genuine fan of the business himself and actually donated the money he made form his WCW appearances to the families of fallen wrestlers, such as Brian Pillman. 

For years he had to live with the stigma of being involved in one of the stunts that many believe had led to the death of the US's second biggest wrestling organisation. 

The trolling he had received was the impetus for David Arquette transitioning from the silver screen to the squared circle and deciding to try his hand at wrestling, despite being in his mid-40's and coming in with all that WCW stigma. 

Proving his sincerity, Arquette plugged away on the indie scene, paying his dues in often brutal ways, such as when he received a scary cut during a death match with Nick Gage. 

The Scream star put the work in and clearly took his quest seriously, as documented in the brilliant documentary You Cannot Kill David Arquette, which charts his foray into the indie wrestling world. 

A good sport all around, David Arquette proved his doubters wrong and managed to live out a dream, redeeming himself in the process. 

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