10 Strangest WWE Gimmicks Of The 1990s

Were the WWE creative team ever subject to random drug tests? Asking for a friend...

8. TL Hopper

Tl hopper

Of the influx of occupational gimmicks in the mid-90s (The Goon, Duke 'The Dumpster' Droese etc.), the strangest of the strange is probably TL Hopper. 

Hopper was a plumber, meaning that he cleaned toilets by day and wrestled at night, which doesn't seem very hygienic and also speaks to the pay a so-called WWE Superstar could expect to earn back then.

The slovenly Hopper was played by Tony Anthony, who had enjoyed some success in the Southeastern indies as Dirty White Boy. 

The former Smoky Mountain Wrestling Champion was one of many hired by WWE to fill out their undercard during the lean years and was introduced to the audience through a series of vignettes which showed plenty of arse cleavage.

He carried his trusty plunger, 'Betsy', to the ring with him and would rub it in the face of opponents after victories, which wasn't often, since he was primarily used as an enhancement talent. 

Realising his career was being flushed down the drain, Anthony took a hiatus and hung up his stained wife-beater, trading it in for dungarees and a John Deere cap when he returned as Uncle Cletus, the short-term manager of The Godwinns. 

The creative equivalent of taking a dump. 

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