10 Wrestlers WWE Gave Up On Too Quickly

10 wrestlers WWE gave up on too soon

9. Kaval

Kaval low ki

Low Ki grafted tirelessly for years in promotions like Ring of Honor, TNA and overseas in Japan to earn a reputation as one of the most talented professional wrestlers of his generation. Strangely, when WWE got their hands on him, they paired him up with LayCool and had him play second fiddle to the co-holders of the Women’s Title.

Despite being routinely mocked for his stoic demeanour, the re-named Kaval ended up winning season two of NXT (when it was a glorified game show) and was shifted over to the SmackDown brand. Where he lost. And lost. And lost again. But then he earned a place on the blue brand’s Bragging Rights team! And then he lost that, too. 

Still, at least he had a guaranteed title shot to fall back on from his NXT victory, which he used to take on Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler at the 2010 Survivor Series. He lost that one too, naturally, then lost some more matches before he got tired of losing and, realising WWE had no significant ideas for him he asked for (and received) his release. 

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