10 WWE Stars TNA/IMPACT Wrestling Failed To Sign

TNA could have looked very different if they signed these former/current WWE stars

Before AEW came along, the main alternative for one-time WWE wrestlers in a post-ECW and WCW world was TNA Wrestling. 

Though the promotion was rarely what you would call ‘stable’, it was always a place for established stars to ply their trade and many made the jump over the years. Many, but not all, because try as Dixie Carter and co. might, there were just some talents who they wanted but just couldn’t have. 

Some of them came close but, eventually, decided against life in the IMPACT Zone. 

Alas, TNA Wrestling’s ability to compete with WWE for top talent would fall away as the 2010s wore on, but IMPACT Wrestling continues to this day, producing a weekly show that should be watched by more people.

Check out 10 WWE stars that TNA failed to sign below!

10. Edge

Edge and christian royal rumble 2021

Outside of a couple of early-day enhancement matches for WCW, Edge has basically been a WWE lifer. 

After making their names on the indies, he and best friend Christian were signed by WWE in the late 90s, grinded their way through Dory Funk Jr’s training camp before being brought to television, ultimately becoming two of the breakout stars of the Attitude Era. 

Captain Charisma eventually left WWE for TNA in 2005, frustrated with his lack of main event opportunities, while Edge stayed and became the Rated-R WWE Champion. 

A few years later, however, the Ultimate Opportunist did consider an opportunity with WWE’s then-closest competition. 

Edge revealed during a 2017 podcast appearance that his contract was coming up in either 2008 or 09 and somebody from TNA Wrestling reached out to him to discuss money and schedule. The idea of working fewer dates for decent pay was appealing to the Canadian, whose beaten-up body was very much feeling the effects of a taxing career. 

He was also attracted by the possibility of working with fresh opponents and meeting back up with Christian, but in the end, turned it down as WWE felt like home. 

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