10 WWE Stars Who Flopped In TNA Wrestling

These former WWE stars certainly flopped in TNA Wrestling

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. This is not necessarily true when it comes to former WWE stars joining TNA/IMPACT Wrestling, however. 

At one time, TNA was a de facto destination for such castoffs, who were drawn to the lighter schedule and healthy pay. Some talents made the best of it, either reliving their glory years or showing WWE just what they were missing. 

Others, on the other hand, probably went to TNA expecting instant glory based on their established superstar status, but found themselves either poorly used, lost in the shuffle, or otherwise embarrassing themselves and actively harming their legacy. 

Whenever TNA signed someone with the ‘former WWE superstar’ tag attached to them, they no doubt wanted great things from them and expected their arrivals to aid them in the fight against the world’s biggest sports entertainment juggernaut, but were often left disappointed, angry or simply bewildered by what they actually got. 

These are 10 WWE Stars Who Flopped in TNA. 

10. Test

Test survivor series 2001

It’s a bit unfair to speculate about these sorts of things, but do you think Test’s WWE career might have gone a little differently if Triple H hadn’t outsmarted him, stolen his woman away, and repeatedly and decisively beat him in televised matches?

It’s a possibility, because the big man was getting over before his legs were cut off in late 1999. He still had a good career after that main event dalliance, of course, forming a decent unit with Albert and Trish Stratus, becoming an Un-American and then messing about with Stacy Keibler and Scott Steiner. 

He was released in late 2004 but returned in 2006 for the relaunched ECW, looking bigger and meaner, only to be released soon after following a failed wellness policy test. 

It was even less surprising when he showed up in TNA a few months later as ‘The Punisher’ Andrew Martin. More surprising was the brevity of his run, which included a couple of IMPACT appearances and a spot in the Doomsday Chamber of Blood Cage Match at the Hard Justice pay-per-view. 

The group decided to let him go after that, as they were well aware of his substance abuse issues and it turned out to be his last notable contribution to the business before his 2009 passing. 

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