10 Best WWE NXT Title Changes Of All Time

Check out the 10 best WWE NXT title changes of all time

A title change can be a great way to supercharge a wrestling promotion and generate all sorts of new interest in a product. Equally, they can happen by total accident, like Kevin Owens defeating AJ Styles for the United States Championship at Battleground 2017. 

NXT has had plenty of memorable belt swaps over the years. Some set up huge angles for way in the future, whilst some were just really good fun to watch at the time. Either is valid and both are worth celebrating. 

Check out the 10 best WWE NXT title changes of all time below!

10. Ricochet def. Adam Cole for the NXT North American Championship - NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 2018

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The NXT North American Championship got off to a great start, as its inaugural holder was decided in a bonafide five-star classic. The insane six-man ladder match from TakeOver New Orleans ended with Adam Cole raising the beautiful belt above his head. Unfortunately, you can’t really ‘win’ a championship from nobody, so we decided not to count this moment.

Instead, let’s fast-forward to when Cole lost the belt at TakeOver: Brooklyn 4. Taking on the leader of the Undisputed Era was another participant in the initial ladder match - Ricochet. 

To the surprise of no one, Cole and Ricochet put on a spectacular match. Highlights included Ricochet taking out Cole with a Hurricanrana off the apron to the outside and getting hit in midair with a perfectly timed superkick off a springboard moonsault.

One 630 Senton later and Ricochet had ended Cole’s reign to pick up his first title in NXT after one hell of a battle.  

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