5 Best Revenge Storylines In WWE History

Payback is a you-know-what...

4. The Warrior One-Ups Savage (1991)

Irate that the Ultimate Warrior wouldn't grant him a WWF title match, Randy Savage cost Warrior his belt at the 1991 Royal Rumble against Sgt. Slaughter. To achieve this, Savage smashed Warrior in the face with a jewelled sceptre, leaving Warrior easy pickings for the pinfall.

Warrior's revenge came with a risk - he put his career up against Savage's at WrestleMania 7. The wager was worth it, as Warrior staved off five Flying Elbow Smashes to put Savage away, thereby avenging the ill-caused end of his 10-month championship run.

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Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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