AEW Airing On Max Before 2024 A 'Real Possibility'

AEW is heading to Max

All Elite Wrestling content may well be heading to Max before the end of 2023. 

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast previously stated that he is confident AEW will be on Max in 2024 and AEW's pay-per-view schedule will increase to 12 major shows per year. Zarian has since upgraded his confidence in AEW going to Max and he reported on Wrestling Observer Live that AEW will be on Max in 2024. The rumoured December 2023 pay-per-view may even air on the streaming service. 

"I do have insight. They are going to Max. That is happening. That is happening in 2024 for sure. Maybe the December pay-per-view is on Max and that's a real possibility," Zarian said.

It emerged last week that AEW were discussing running a pay-per-view in December following Full Gear, with December 29 under consideration. 

Max is available in the United States and over 60 other countries. The streaming service is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, AEW's TV partner for Dynamite, Collision, and Rampage in the US.

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