AEW: Dynamite Results - July 14 2021: Fyter Fest 2021 Night One

A Coffin Match, an NJPW US Title match and more as Dynamite hits Texas

After last week’s triumphant return to the road, AEW took Dynamite to Austin, Texas, for Fyter Fest Night One.

Dynamite cut straight to the chase with Jon Moxley putting the NJPW US Heavyweight Title on the line against The Super Elite’s Karl Anderson - Jon Moxley’s first appearance since Double or Nothing. Before the bell rang a pipe wielding Eddie Kingston and Doc Gallows started brawling through the crowd, as Machine Gun and Mox battered each other with elbows in ring. The crowd were vocally pro-Moxley as the two fought to the outside, with Anderson sinking a snap suplex on the ramp. Back in ring and Anderson enjoyed a spell in control, but his luck ran out when Mox met him on the top rope and hit a superplex. This was a very NJPW affair - strike and counter strike, tons of suplexes. Anderson fought out of a Paradigm Shift and hit a Gun Stun but couldn’t capitalise. A TKO got a two for Machine Gun, but Mox got up, and hit a Paradigm Shift for the win.

Backstage, Jake Roberts was trying to reason with Lance Archer as The Murderhawk Monster called out Jon Moxley, demanding a Texas Deathmatch for the title at next week’s Fyter Fest Night Two.

Alex Abrahantes spoke with Andrade El Idolo. Andrade asked Alex where Death Triangle were, and told him to pass on a message - El Idolo is looking for them.

The second title match of the night saw Brian Cage put the rarely defended FTW Title on the line against Ricky Starks, as Team Taz's Powerhouse Hobbs and Hook were at ringside to make sure things remained civil between the two. Cage started strongly, but the crowd threw their support behind Starks, who was returning from a neck injury. Starks was caught biting Cage’s fingers as he asserted control over The Swolverine, but Cage came back and went for a fallaway slam, which was was reversed into a crucifix bomb by Absolute. Starks went for the title belt, but Cage headed him off, as the two fought around ringside. Back in ring Cage hit a Pumphandle Facebuster, but Starks got his foot on the rope before the three. Starks came close to a win with a massive sit out powerbomb on Cage, and went for the title belt once more, only for Powerhouse Hobbs to deny him whilst trying to keep order. However, Hook distracted the ref as Hobbs clocked Cage with the belt, as Starks nailed a spear to win the FTW Championship.

Post-match, Team Taz celebrated together, and it seems as though Cage is out of the group.

Cody Rhodes marched out to the broadcast area and called out Tommy End/Malakai Black. Cody said a phone call would have sufficed, angered that Black made his AEW debut by taking out Arn Anderson last week. Black appeared on the screen and said the fans don’t care about Cody, and recited a story about a man killing a prize stallion that had lost the fire in its eyes. Black said when he faced Cody week, that fire wasn’t in Rhodes’ eyes either and he had to put him down. Cody demanded Black show himself, the lights went out, and as they came back on Black and Rhodes started viciously brawling, before being separated by refs and agents. 

Backstage Alex Marvez caught up with Tully Blanchard, who was quickly accosted by Santana and Ortiz. Proud and Powerful faked Tully out with a prop crowbar, but warned Tully that next time they’ll be for real, and told Blanchard to get ‘his boys’ FTR.

Back to the arena, Tony Schiavone was in ring, and brought out Hangman Adam Page. Tony asked Page about Kenny Omega, with Page recounting how he has wanted the AEW World Title since day one but failed at the first hurdle. However, Dark Order were right and Page needs that title. Before Page could officially challenge for the title he was cut off by Don Callis and The Elite. The Elite took it in turns to tell Page he was not the guy, as Matt Jackson went face-to-face with Page. Jackson said Page abandoned them for a bunch of losers, and called Hangman a sad drunk lonely cowboy, and his own misery and failures were all his own fault. Page took out Jackson, as Omega loomed with the AEW World Title Belt.

Luckily, The Dark Order hit the ring to even the odds, as Omega proposed a five-on-five elimination tag. Page said that’s not the match he wanted, but when he and The Dark Order win, Page gets a shot at the World Title, and Dark Order get a shot at The Young Bucks’ Tag Titles. Omega went face-to-face with Page, and said when he and The Elite win, The Dark Order don’t get a tag title shot, and Page doesn’t get a world title shot. Omega played upon Hangman’s fear of failure trying to get Page to back down, but Page did not relent, saying The Dark Order does not back down from a fight. 

Alex Marvez was backstage with Chris Jericho. Jericho spoke about MJF’s proposed ‘five labours of Jericho’, and said that whilst MJF was an intelligent man, it doesn’t matter who MJF puts it front of Jericho, Jericho will run across broken glass to beat MJF and ruin his life. Suddenly, Shawn Spears turned up and jabbed Jericho in the throat with a chair. MJF also arrived and said Jericho’s first task will be next week against Shawn Spears, but Spears can use a chair, whilst Jericho can not. Spears then attacked Jericho’s bad elbow, as MJF laughed and wished him luck.

Match three - Matt Hardy vs. Christian Cage. Matt Hardy ushered The HFO to the back, wanting to take on Christian by himself. The two old rivals started slowly, looking to gain advantage and win the moral victory, but it quickly spilled to the outside, with Cage hitting a big crossbody from the top onto Big Money Matt. Matt hit an elevated DDT onto the steps to get the upper hand, and did everything he could to keep Cage down. Duelling chants broke out, as Matt stepped up his offence. Cage eventually fought back, hitting the textbook second rope European uppercut for a two count. Cage countered a Twist of Fate, hit a Spear for another two, before a Frog Splash for yet another two count. Hardy fired back and hit a top rope superplex, again only getting a two. Hardy distracted the ref and hit Cage with a low blow and a Twist of Fate, but Cage would not say die. Hardy locked in his Leech lock on the outside, then left a downed Cage to face the 10 count. Cage ran in at nine, and a fired up Christian sank The Killswitch for the win - his first singles win ever over Matt Hardy.

Post-match The HFO ran out, waiting to attack Cage, but Jurassic Express ran out to make the save before a punch was thrown. Luchasaurus put Cage on his shoulders as the three celebrated.

We then got a Miro video package, as The TNT Champion told a fable about a rich man who was lost because he wasn’t being true to himself. The man remembered who he was, and forgave everyone he destroyed in his path, and that’s why he is God’s favourite champion. Miro proclaimed himself The Redeemer, as he held up a brand new white strapped TNT Title.

Tony Schiavone was in ring, and introduced the AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD. Baker said it’ll take more than a table to break her, as she has overcame multiple tables, ladders, and thumbtacks. Baker said it’s hard keeping Nyla Rose relevant, despite her being the top of the food chain. Baker said Vickie Guerrero was ok because her surname will forever keep her relevant, but her client - not so much. Baker vowed to keep hold of the title, but said with or without the title she is still the hottest thing in wrestling. Backstage, an irate Guerrero and Nyla said they’re going to kick Baker’s ass next week at Fyter Fest Night Two.

We then heard from Jon Moxley. Mox said there is only one boogieman in AEW and NJPW and it ain’t Lance Archer, it’s Jon Moxley. Moxley promised next week that Archer will be Texas Dead. 

Wheeler Yuta was out next for his Dynamite debut against Sammy Guevara, with Yuta flanked by Best Friends’ Orange Cassidy and Chuckie T. Guevara started off hot, as The Bunny and The Blade watched on from the front row. Guevara missed two moonsaults, but landed on his feet and nailed a standing SSP on Yuta for a two count. Yuta got his knees up for a top rope SSP, and asserted control with a huge Superfly Splash. Sammy came back with a massive springboard cutter and the GTH for the win.

We saw an interview from before the show, with Tony Schiavone talking to QT Marshall. Marshall was in no mood to talk, and poured a flask of lumpy coffee/some kind of brown protein shake over Schiavone’s head.

Yuka Sakazaki made her return to Dynamite for the first time in sixteen months, as she faced Penelope Ford in singles action. Yuka started hot, employing a succession of quick evasions to work around Ford, before nailing a second rope senton cannonball to the outside. Ford was angered and viciously catapulted Yuka’s throat into the top rope, then hit a Great Muta springboard elbow and a release German suplex as she cemented her dominance on the bout. Ford locked in a bridging Indian Deathlock Chokehold to keep Yuka down, but she would not quit, and came back with an impressive deadlift delayed vertical brainbuster, and a sliding seated clothesline for two. Ford hit a series of pump kicks for two, but again Yuka fired back, with a hammerlock airplane spin slam, and The Magical Girl Splash for the win.

Main Event time as Darby Allin and Ethan Page went head-to-head in AEW’s first ever coffin match. Same rules as a WWE casket match - put your opponent in the coffin and close the lid to win.

Both men came out alone - no Scorpio Sky with Page, no Sting with Darby. Darby rushed Page from the off, before taking off his jacket and revealing a Bret Hart style metal plate on his back, as he nailed All Ego with a Coffin Drop. Darby opened the coffin looking for a quick win, only to find Scorpio Sky waiting for him. Allin was tossed into the stairs as Sting came to his aid, brawling with Scorpio through the crowd. Back ringside, Page removed the entire bottom rope, before he and Darby also brawled through the crowd. Darby went for a huge splash off of a stairway, but Page caught him and rag-dolled him from left to right. Page then pressed Darby down a set of stairs, and big booted him back over the guardrail, and placed the steel steps into the ring. In ring, Page used the turnbuckle hook to choke Darby with his own chain, but Darby came back and fishhooked Page with the hook, and baseball slid Page into the coffin. The two then exchanged standing strikes in the coffin, as Page slapped the taste out of Darby’s mouth. A bleeding Page took the fight back in the ring, but ate a backpack flip Stunner from Darby. As Darby went for a coffin drop onto the steel steps, Page met him on the top, and launched Darby with a top rope Ego’s Edge onto the steel. Darby fired back, gouging and biting All Ego, before caveman bomb dropping his skateboard onto Page on the apron, knocking Page into the coffin and closing the lid for the win.

Post match, Darby dragged the coffin away from the ring, and hit a ridiculous Coffin Drop through the coffin and into Page, as Dynamite went off the air.

Full results:
• Jon Moxley (c) def. Karl Anderson - IWGP US Heavyweight Title
• Ricky Starks def. Brian Cage (c) - FTW Championship
• Christian Cage def. Matt Hardy
• Sammy Guevara def. Wheeler Yuta
• Yuka Sakazaki def. Penelope Ford
• Darby Allin def. Ethan Page - Coffin Match

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