AEW-Goldberg Talks Only Recently Collapsed

Goldberg and AEW were talking in recent months

Goldberg revealed earlier this week that he had no interest in signing with AEW, noting that the product was too “cheesy”, and despite admitting talks with AEW and Tony Khan, he said there was no chance of him appearing in the company when talking to 93.7 The Ticket

“I have talked to them a number of times throughout the past but this is where you’re going to get the most blunt answer you’re going to get from me: The product is too cheesy. It doesn’t deserve to have…I mean, whatever. If there was a comparable, viable option as a competitor that would allow me to still look myself in the mirror after I was a member of their roster, yeah, then it would be a consideration but not a chance.” 

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer spoke on this situation, revealing that talks between Tony Khan and Goldberg began in 2018, and carried on until “recent months”, though no deal was reached between the two sides in the end. It isn’t known if talks between Goldberg and Tony Khan are continuing, or if a deal is now completely off the table. Goldberg also revealed this week that he had put plans of a retirement match on the backburner. His last match came at Elimination Chamber 2022 against Roman Reigns.

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