AEW's Adam Cole: Kevin Owens & The Young Bucks Helped Advance My Career

Being part of Mount Rushmore did wonders for Cole

Adam Cole is one of the most popular stars in AEW, building off an incredible run in NXT, which in turn built off his top run in ROH. But according to Cole himself, it was his work with The young Buck and Kevin Steen in PWG that helped kick his career to the next level.

Cole made the revelation on AEW Unrestricted podcast, revealing how The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling helped him grow as a performer:

“Originally, me and The Bucks were teaming together,” started Cole “I think at that point, Kevin Steen - now Kevin Owens in WWE - was trying to figure out something he wanted to do in PWG. I think it was actually Kevin who approached us with the idea of, ‘Hey. We should be a group. We should be a faction.’ Kevin had been a babyface at PWG for a long time and he just wanted to do something different so he turned heel.

“I don’t remember exactly how he did it, but I remember he turned heel, and we all joined forces together. I think we were all just talking backstage, and I think it was The Bucks who mentioned something like, ‘Yea, we’re like the Mount Rushmore of PWG.’ Then Kevin and I were like, ‘That should be our name. We should be the Mount Rushmore of wrestling. We are Mount Rushmore.’ We had cut the promo backstage after the show. Kevin had mentioned it as well because we still weren’t sure if that’s the name we were going to go with. Kevin said, ‘We’re the Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling’, and the comments were ‘Mount Rushmore, Mount Rushmore, Mount Rushmore’, so we were like, ok, that’s our name. Here we go. We already had the shirt idea with Mount Rushmore with our faces on it. That shirt sold really well. That was how that stuck and how that started which was really, really cool.

“Between The Bucks and Kevin, those two helped me advance in my career more than they take credit for or more than they realise. I won the PWG World title because of Kevin. I got booked in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla because of The Bucks. So, those three have always had my back 100%. So, the Mount Rushmore thing felt so natural because we were all so close.”


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