AEW's Billy Gunn Thought He Would Have Retired By Now

Gunn is still wrestling 36 years later

36 years after he started training to become a professional wrestler, Billy Gunn is still going strong in the industry, regularly competing in All Elite Wrestling alongside sons Austin and Colten as The Gunn Club.

With such a long career, Billy admitted to Z100's Josh Martinez that even he thought he would be retired by now. 

"It's amazing [working with Austin & Colten Gunn in AEW], it really is. I'm lucky enough to have an awesome career and I figured by now, maybe I'd be retired and be able just to coach and do my thing and there they go, they drag me right back in. But it's been amazing, it really has and I enjoy what I do," Billy said. 

"You know, the funny thing is me and the boys always have this thing, if they graduate college, they can do whatever they want, you know? I would help them with that so our deal was always they had to graduate from college first, they both did that and then all of a sudden, they both wanted to wrestle and I knew Austin would always wanna do it because he's me, just amplified 100 if you can believe that and Colten has his thing that he does but it's been amazing and it's a great way to cap an awesome career that I've had."

While he primarily wrestles in multi-man matches, Gunn recently faced former TNT Champion Darby Allin a singles match on the November 19 edition of Rampage.

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