AEW's Darby Allin Reveals Why He Gets Changed In The Boiler Room at Daily's Place

"I don’t have time for that. It p*sses me off..."

Darby Allin has revealed he prefers to get ready in the boiler room at Daily's Place ahead of AEW shows so he can be productive rather than distracted. 

Allin has admitted he prefers to be left alone when preparing for his matches and coming up with storylines, and he find the conversations between other wrestlers distracting as he tries to get into his zone.

Speaking with the Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Allin said: "You can’t find me backstage because we’ve been in Daily’s Place now for the last year and it sounds ridiculous but I literally change in the boiler room by myself. I lock myself in there and I just come up with storylines all day and working on promos and working on everything that I do outside of the ring; all of the business deal and random stuff; clothing line.

"I just feel way more productive not hearing people’s gossip about stupid ‘who slept with who’ and ‘who’s talking to who.’ I don’t have time for that. It p*sses me off and I don’ I really just feel super more productive when I’m by myself.

"But when it’s time to go out there and put a match together or put a storyline together, I’ll be totally in your face like super collabing and just talking, but otherwise man I really like to be left alone."

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