AEW's Sammy Guevara Reveals How He Sneaked Backstage At WWE WrestleMania 25

Inner Circle member appears on Cultaholic's Own, 'Straight To Hell'...

Sammy Guevara appeared on Cultaholic's own 'Straight To Hell' series over the weekend and detailed how surreal it was to see Randy Orton saying he wanted to work a match with him.

After Guevara lost to Cody Rhodes on the first AEW: Dynamite, Randy took to a Twitch stream to say: "I'd love to work with that kid [Sammy]. They had a great match. I thought opening the show with that match was a good idea and well received."

The comments from The Viper came a full 10 years after Sammy's last interaction with him, as Guevara explained how he got backstage at WrestleMania 25: "Back in 2009, I snuck backstage at WrestleMania 25 with my friends and I tried to get a picture with Randy Orton.

"He was a heel at the time and he said 'no' and just walked off. But I was actually recording the whole thing because I always have a camera with me so I was able to get a screenshot of me standing next to him as he was about to walk off.

"When the show was over they were taking apart the ring, and there was a bunch of guys walking with the ring apron and so I just walked behind them and grabbed the end that was dragging along the floor and just pretended like I was them.

"And these two security guards - I remember my heart was beating - I got past them and I was like 'holy s**t this worked', and my two friends were like 'Sammy where you going?' And I'm like 'shut up, come on, get over here'.

"We met Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy, a bunch of guys.

"Eventually, we got kicked out because we were taking a bunch of pictures and I'm pretty sure that's a big 'no no'."

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