AJ Styles Reveals He Recently Tested Positive For Coronavirus

WWE has reportedly had upwards of 30 positive cases over the past few months...

During the first few months of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, WWE decided not to test any of their staff or talent for COVID-19 ahead of TV tapings. Multiple people in the company subsequently tested positive for coronavirus in late June. Renee Young, Jamie Noble, Kayla Braxton and Adam Pearce all publicly announced they had been diagnosed with the virus, but the actual number of positive cases was at least 30

The company had another wave of positive tests on August 4 which resulted in tapings of SmackDown being cut short.

AJ Styles recently revealed on Twitch that he tested positive for COVID-19 "almost a month ago." The Phenomenal wasn't too badly affected by the virus and he came through it largely unscathed.

Styles said: "Let me enlighten you guys as well. I also tested positive a couple of weeks ago. Probably almost a month, I think, ago. I feel for people who have to deal with this but I've gotta say, I didn't have that many problems with it. So, hopefully, The Rock and his family, hopefully everybody is safe… It sucks. It's not good for anybody."

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