Alberto El Patron's Trial To Begin Next Week

He could face up to 99 years in prison

Alberto El Patron (José Alberto Rodríguez Chucuan) is set to stand trial next week on January 25, 2021, PWInsider has reported. The former WWE Superstar was indicted by a grand jury back in October on four counts of sexual assault and one count of aggravated kidnapping. 

El Patron could face the rest of his life in prison as aggravated kidnapping of the first degree in Texas carries a maximum sentence of 99 years. 

Chucuan was arrested in May 2020 on charges of sexual assault and aggravated kidnapping. The police report obtained by TMZ Sports revealed that the accuser told authorities El Patron kidnapped, sexually assaulted and assaulted her over a 16-hour period. Chucuan also allegedly forced the woman to wear a dress and dance for him. When she refused, he told her "not to cry because if she did, he would take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere."

Back in November 2020, the accuser issued an apology to El Patron's family, writing: "I apologise to the Rodriguez Del Rio family for the damages caused by my errors." The post has since been deleted. 

Chucuan's brother Hijo De Dos Caras then issued the following statement on Instagram (translated using DeepL): "Well gang, as everyone knows the truth always falls under its own weight. After so many months the scum who accused my brother of something totally false finally spoke the truth by admitting her lie and even though she apologised in this mean way, After all that she provoked my brother and my family both personally and professionally, I hope that it will serve to open the eyes of those people who destroyed my flesh and that those people who supported him and did not turn their backs on him will do justice because in the end he, like many other famous people, was the victim of an advantageous and greedy person like so many who abuse the spotlight and try to profit at the cost of anything... The truth will set you free."

Since the apology, nothing has changed in regards to the trial date and Chucuan will stand trial on January 25.  

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