Alex Hammerstone Returns To MLW

Alex Hammerstone is back!

Over the last few months, it emerged that the relationship between MLW and Alex Hammerstone had continued to deteriorate, with Hammerstone requesting his release from the company. This led to him hardly being featured in MLW throughout 2023 (especially the latter half), and his future was up in the air. 

Last night at MLW Fightland, he finally re-emerged. The contractual situation was turned into an angle, with MLW “granting” Hammerstone his release, leading him to sign with the “World Titan Federation” group. He appeared after the lights went down, and proceeded to join the “Superstars” of the group such as Matt Cardona in an attack on the likes of Jacob Fatu, The Bomaye Fight Club, and Alex Kane. 

It isn’t entirely clear if the whole situation has been a work considering that very recently Hammerstone himself publicly revealed his release request, and it was reported too that the two sides hadn’t had much communication. Either way, Hammerstone is back and he is now a heel in MLW.

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Written by Andrew Kelly