Arn Anderson Reveals WWE's Commentators Were Told To Bury Sting During WrestleMania 31

A certain someone strikes again...

At WrestleMania 31, Sting became the last big WCW star to compete in WWE as he faced Triple H. The pair had been at loggerheads since The Icon's debut at Survivor Series 2014 and many expected Sting to emerge victorious in his first match with the company. This isn't the way the bout played out, however, as WWE seemingly decided to bury WCW one more time, 14 years after the rival promotion ceased to exist. The nWo and Sting were ultimately unable to overcome Triple H and D-Generation X and the four-time TNA World Heavyweight Champion was pinned by The Game in the centre of the ring. 

It was seemingly WWE's plan all along to undermine Sting as Arn Anderson revealed on the latest episode of The Arn Show, that commentators Michael Cole, JBL, and Jerry Lawler were told to bury Stinger throughout the match. They made comments throughout the contest to give the impression that Sting was out of his depth in a big company like WWE, and the finish only played into this narrative after The Cerebral Assassin pinned him. 

Anderson said: "All it did was give the announcers, and I know this was fed to them, they just buried Sting. 'Minnow in a big pond.' Just total condescending. 'Guys out of his element, this is WrestleMania now,' 'You're just a small minnow in a huge lake.' Whatever all the commentary was exactly, it was meant to just basically beat you over the head with 'We won the war, we're WWE, we won the war. Here's your big star, well he ain't a big star here tonight'...They just buried him."

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