Authorised Documentary On WWE Hall Of Famer Chyna Begins Production

An inside look into The Ninth Wonder Of The World...

WWE Hall Of Famer Chyna (real name Joan Laurer) enjoyed a successful career in the company. Alongside her exploits with D-Generation X and Eddie Guerrero, she became the first woman to enter the Royal Rumble and is the only woman to have held the Intercontinental Championship.

Laurer passed away on April 17, 2016, at her home in Redondo Beach, California. She was 46 years old. An autopsy later revealed Chyna died from an accidental overdose of alcohol which combined with painkillers, a sleeping aid, and anxiety medication.

In a press release issued yesterday, Laurer's estate revealed production had begun on a feature-length documentary which will explore Chyna's life and her career in WWE and beyond.

The team, led by Producer Erin Hayes is currently in the process of conducting interviews with personal friends of Chyna's, a range of experts, and fans who were influenced by The Ninth Wonder Of The World.

The full press release is as follows:

"Exclusive, Authorized Documentary About Joanie "Chyna" Laurer Begins Production

Production on the only "Official and Authorized" feature-length documentary of Joanie "Chyna" Laurer has begun.

FRAMINGHAM, MASS. - JANUARY 29, 2020 - Production on the only 'Official and Authorized' feature-length documentary of Joanie "Chyna" Laurer has begun. Laurer was known to the world as a groundbreaking professional wrestler and as the '9th Wonder Of The World.' This documentary has been authorized by Joanie Laurer's estate.

The documentary will explore Laurer's tremendous influence both inside and outside the ring to millions of adoring fans through interviews and images with a wide range of subjects selected, including Joanie's mother, Jan LaQue.

Laurer rose to stardom in the early 2000s. She was the first woman to wrestle men in the ring as an equal. Her presence in the ring arguably provided the first mainstream female perspective in professional wrestling.

But her strength and determination made her more than a groundbreaking force for women in sports. She became a symbol for gender equality around the world and she inspired a generation of woman and men alike.

'My daughter, Joanie Laurer, led a remarkable life. I am excited to partner with a production team who is passionate about telling her true life's story, not just the parts that played out in the ring or the tabloids.' says Jan LaQue, Laurer's mother. 'To that end I have selected a woman producer to work with who understands that the public only knows a small bit of Joanie's story. I want to restore her legacy, a legacy that has been tarnished by others. Joanie deserves this and so do her true fans.'

'Our production team could not be more honored to help tell the story of Joanie "Chyna" Laurer's life. We are committed to approaching this project with integrity and respect,' says Producer, Erin Hayes. 'Laurer showed a generation that women can be strong and smart. Hers is a story we want to tell and to preserve. She wasn't a wrestler, she was a champion and she inspired the lives of so many people. That's the story we are going to tell.'

Production has already begun on the documentary. The team is currently filming interviews with those who knew Laurer personally, experts, and people who have shared amazing stories about the influence she had on her lives. Additionally, the documentary will expose the manipulation her legacy has endured by those looking to profit from Laurer's fame/personal struggles and will show her fate was the product of the #metoo era.

For the latest information on the documentary, check the production's website. Regular updates will be made on TheJoanieLaurerStory.com."


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