Backstage WWE Reaction To Jon Moxley Talk Is Jericho Appearance Reportedly Revealed

Moxley didn't hold back while discussing the creative process in the company...

Last week, Jon Moxley followed up his shocking debut for All Elite Wrestling at Double Or Nothing by appearing on Talk Is Jericho (the podcast was recorded before Moxley attacked Jericho following The Alpha's win over Kenny Omega in the main event).

The main topic of discussion during the podcast was the frustration Moxley went through while trying to negotiate the creative process in WWE. Jon highlighted examples of when Vince McMahon's way of doing business didn't work, and finished the show by saying: "I'll put a challenge out to him (Vince) right now. Your creative process sucks. Change it."

Now, Fightful has managed to find out what the reaction to the Talk Is Jericho episode has been backstage in WWE, and it appears that Moxley's sentiments have resonated with a few Superstars.

For the avoidance of any doubt, here's what Fightful's report stated: "Fightful was able to speak to several wrestlers and employees this week who both echoed the same sentiment shared by the former Dean Ambrose, and feared that they'd end up in the same boat creatively. One went as far as to say that Moxley's words broke their heart, because it reflected the way that they've felt, saying they reach the point of physical nausea when they get to TV every week. However, the same talent said that they're glad the story is out there."

One WWE writer also reached out to Fightful to confirm that what Moxley said during the interview is true, while another Superstar told Fightful that if things don't improve they will be leaving WWE when their current contract is up.

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