Batista Reveals Why He Chose Triple H For WWE WrestleMania 35 Match

The Animal lost to The Game on the Grandest Stage Of Them All...

Coming out of WWE WrestleMania 35, Batista revealed that his No Hold's Barred match with Triple H was his last ever in a professional wrestling ring.

The Animal recently appeared on Lillian Garcia's podcast to discuss the match, and his career as a whole. You can listen to the full episode, here.

Batista revealed that he chose to face his former Evolution stablemate in his goodbye match as a way of saying thanks for everything The Game did for his wrestling career: “Not only did he put me over three times clean in the ring to make me a star, but also took the time to have me ride with him and have me pick his brain.

"He just groomed me to be a star in that company, so I wanted to finish out my career for him by just saying thank you to go out laying on my back for the guy.”

As for losing the match, Batista has no problem with it since it's the time honoured tradition in the wrestling business for the retiring star to lose their final bout: “I wanted my last match to be with him on my back because that is literally the only way that I can thank him.”

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