Being The Elite "Done" For Good

BTE is not coming back

The ‘Being The Elite’ YouTube series has been getting less and less attention, with the format of the weekly show changing in recent weeks amidst The Young Bucks’ on-screen characters in AEW becoming more and more frustrated and angry. A lot of “best of” episodes and focus on other BTE regulars has made up most of the show for some time now. 

Due to issues in The Elite faction with the likes of Kenny Omega and Adam Page, along with a growing anger and attitude from Matt & Nick Jackson, BTE looks to have stopped. This isn’t just a temporary move for a quick angle due to the Bucks being off AEW programming for a little while, but it is a permanent thing. According to Dave Meltzer in a Daily Update on F4WOnline, BTE is “done”. 

"We'll write more about it this coming week, but BTE is not on hiatus, it's actually done. As of this point in time, there are no plans to bring it back.”

It isn’t known how long the Young Bucks will be away from AEW TV after this recent character shift.

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Written by Andrew Kelly