Big Damo Felt WWE NXT Was Too ‘Formulaic’

Big Damo feels that change was inevitable as ‘black and gold’ WWE NXT had become formulaic

Big Damo (fka Killian Dain) has criticised the classic ‘black and gold’ WWE NXT, saying the change to NXT 2.0 was necessary.

Damo gave his opinions on his old stomping ground to Wrestling Inc. Daily’s Nick Hausman, saying:

“So, listen this is probably a controversial thing amongst my own colleagues and whatever else. But I felt like something did have to change, right? I noticed it, especially towards the end of my time there. NXT had found too much of a formula,” Damo said. “When everybody was kind of wrestling the exact same way, it got noticeable, and it was hard to watch.

“Because there were all these super talented wrestlers, then you’d have the next group coming through trying to do the same stuff. Then the athletes and stuff who they’ve signed, they just aren’t able to do that kind of style. I think that was maybe an issue, so it didn’t surprise me that something changed.”

Damo later remarked that NXT’s specific style wasn’t preparing talent for a switch to WWE”s main roster:

“I noticed it when we were doing matches, and stuff like that. It’s a very similar formula in every match,” he said.  “Whereas that’s not what the main roster is, that’s not what the main product is going to be. The main roster is a circus, there’s all kinds of different styles, and environments, shapes, and sizes.

“So, if you’re not preparing for the main roster, obviously there’s something that needs to change. So, from that part, I get it. I am a wrestling fan, I’ve been a wrestling fan forever. Was I gutted? Of course, I was. I think there’s a lot I could have given to the next crop of guys.”

Damo as Killian Dain wrestled for NXT as part of Sanity with Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Nikki Cross. 

H/T: Wrestling Inc.

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