Big E: It Wouldn't Surprise Me To See Jake Or Logan Paul Compete In WWE

Logan Paul has been on WWE TV this year

Big E has admitted it 'wouldn't surprise me at all' to see either Jake or Logan Paul compete in WWE in the future. 

The door appears to be open to either making another appearance in WWE after both featured on WWE programming in the last year. Logan Paul was stunnered by Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 37 and was also involved in Owens' storyline with Baron Corbin earlier this year.

While many wrestling fans don't like the Paul brothers, WWE Champion Big E thinks there is a plan for 'spectacles' like the duo in the promotion, highlighting the reaction they get from fans.

When asked about the potential of the Paul brothers competing in WWE, Big E told The Sun: "It wouldn’t surprise me at all. In many ways, I’m a fan of the Cesaros of the world and these pure wrestlers these guys who dedicated themselves to [professional wrestling] too.

"But you know, I think we also need to be open to these spectacles. That is our industry. That’s that circus element of professional wrestling, of WWE. So, yeah, I think there’s definitely a place for them.

"They bring out a visceral reaction. And that’s what we do. I think kind of the death knell for any performer is when people are quiet when they’re ambivalent when they don’t care. But if they feel a certain way about you, whether they want to boo you or cheer you, we can use that."

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