Brock Anderson's AEW Contract Set To Expire In May​

Brock Anderson is only under contract with AEW for a few more months

All Elite Wrestling could be set to lose one of their developmental talents as Brock Anderson's deal with the promotion will expire in May, according to his father Arn Anderson.

Arn told WrestlingNewsPremium:

"Well, Brock's got about, I think in May his is up, and then I have another year passed that. I'm having a great time. I'm enjoying working for the company and I'm going to certainly get that last year now. What they have for Brock and I together going forward, I don't know. I look at things and always have going all the way back to WCW when contracts came out. When you get a guaranteed contract, your wife has the luxury of planning your life because they do it anyway. To know much time and it's not something that's not going to change and all that, you can map your life out. That gives me another year and a half almost to help Brock every which way I can.

"I will stay with AEW as long as they want me. That's my one thing, and I said that after I left, well, I was canned by WWE. I don't want to be anywhere that I'm not wanted anyway, not for one minute, not for any amount of money, not for one second. If at the end of the contract, if they would like for me to stay aboard in some limited capacity, I would love to."

Brock Anderson has been a part of AEW since 2021, primarily competing on the promotion's YouTube shows. He is currently in a tag team with Brian Pillman Jr., with Arn noting he put them together because their singles careers "were going nowhere quick." 

Brock Anderson hasn't competed on AEW TV since April 2022. 

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