Brock Lesnar Attacks Cody Rhodes On Raw, Match Confirmed For WWE SummerSlam

The third match between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes will take place at WWE SummerSlam

The third match in the series between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes was made official on last night's episode of WWE Raw. 

The Beast Incarnate and the American Nightmare will clash at SummerSlam in Detroit on August 6.

Cody opened last night's Raw and cut a promo on Brock, who didn't originally show up after Rhodes called him out. Cody then went over and hugged his mother in the front row, prompting Lesnar's music to hit. 

When he didn't emerge yet again, Rhodes went to the back where Brock knocked him down. Lesnar hit Cody with chair shots and an F5 and then locked in the Kimura before accepting the SummerSlam challenge.

Despite a stipulation reportedly being planned for their third meeting, none was announced on Raw. 

Brock and Cody first squared off in the main event of Backlash, with Rhodes eking out a victory. Lesnar won the rematch at Night of Champions via technical submission when Cody passed out from the pain while locked in the Kimura. 

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